I want to help bring liberty to Canada

I am Slavko Miladinović.  I believe it is time to bring liberty to Canada.  

There are laws that need to be removed; such as the Notwithstanding clause that give elected officials the right to take away your rights, which means it was never a right in the first place if it could be taken away.  The Notwithstanding clause was inserted into the 1960 Bill of Rights and the 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Both times it received royal assent.  

I want to remove election laws that forbid Canadians living abroad from voting in this year's federal election.  I want to introduce a Nationwide Federal Night Court in provincial courts for federal matters by federal judges, because, I, as a federal jurisdiction worker, experienced injustice for not having my minimum wage and severance pay honoured by a provincial judge, in the presence of CRA documents.  

I want to improve the quality of life for those on low income by reducing their increasing debt-load and lower their cost of living, without having to raise federal taxes.  I have many years of experience living in all types of economies, states of health, wealth and low income.  I know what is luxury, because I lived it.  I know what is necessary for a decent life, because I lived it after injuries and new injuries that not only prevented me from living the lifestyle that I had and wanted, but having no lifestyle, due to lack of income from injuries, false courts and evil individuals.    

I have drafted Private Member's Bills that will help seniors, disabled (such as myself) and anyone who receives a fixed government monthly income to alleviate some living costs; such as, 5% credit card and Line of Credit interest rates that the banks can opt in, which would allow individuals to pay off the principal amount quicker than their compounded interest, in exchange the banks are guaranteed minimum monthly payment by the government, which in turn will remove it from the individual's following monthly income.  

Another cost saving for people on a fixed government income is lowered private rent that would be equivalent to the government allowance for shelter, which private enterprises can opt in, in exchange for guaranteed rent payment by the government for the amount of floors landlords have allocated in their building; because capitalism cannot exist without charity.  Community patronage to the landlords that opt in can be made by wealthier folks by shopping or dining at their secondary business or joint businesses. ​ 

I would be an active representative of Kitchener Centre, since, I am determined to have my Private Member's Bills pass and made into law.  I would set aside funds from the $13,950/month MP salary for the cost of chartering buses for Kitchener Centre activists to travel to MP offices that oppose my Private Member's Bills, as well as Bills by the residents of Kitchener Centre.  

I want to bring liberty to the economy.  We must forbid governments from choking the economy, and must not deny anyone to start a business; such as, Uber ride share, and unrestricted farming sales, as well as stopping the government from setting the prices on items.  It's just a matter of removing mafia laws that governments have set in place. 

Canada must lower its discriminatory income tax rates drastically, so people retain more money and provinces could increase their taxes slightly to make ends meet for the people. The provinces created Canada.  Canada did not create the provinces.  Canada is a union of the provinces that could easily be altered by the provinces.  That is something Canada has no power over, even with its attempts to create a parallel province within each of the provinces by  duplicating the established responsibilities of the municipalities and provinces.    

Slavko Miladinović

​October 2015  

Federal Rights Bills

1) Stopping Religious Suppression

Whereas; currently Christians are forbidden to practice Jesus’ instructions to take precaution in defending themselves with a weapon when they leave their homes. Canadians are legally forbidden to defend themselves.

Whereas; police have admitted they do not issue permits to individuals to defend themselves, even though law currently states police may issue an individual a permit to carry a firearm if police grant them.

Thus, this bill will rescind any law that forbids Christians and non-Christians to defend themselves at home and in public.

2) Rescinding Notwithstanding Clause

Whereas, the Bill of Rights and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives elected officials the power to take away people's rights and freedoms.

Thus, the Notwithstanding clause shall be rescinded, so that there are real human rights in Canada that cannot be taken away.

Low Income Federal Bills

3) Guaranteed Fixed Income Interest Rate

Whereas, the late Jack Layton wanted banks to lower credit card rates through law, but it was against the bank's liberty;  Whereas, the late Jim Flaherty telephoned banks to hold their interest rates, which violated their liberty;  This Private Member's Bill titled GFIIR, Guaranteed Fixed Income Interest Rate, is a government program opted in by banks and people receiving federal or provincially issued monthly fixed income (seniors, disabled etc).   


Thus, banks would offer low interest rates (approx 5%) for Credit Cards and Lines of Credit, in exchange for government guarantees that the minimum monthly payment will be sent directly from the government to the bank, if one monthly payment is missed by the bank's client enrolled in the program.  The client will continue to receive a fixed monthly income deposit from the government, minus the minimum monthly credit payment issued to the bank.


4) Guaranteed Fixed Income Private Rent Program

Whereas; individuals on guaranteed fixed income that do not have a decent lifestyle, none at all or cannot afford current market rent rate, need affordable rent rates.  

Thus, this bill is a program for the private sector that wishes to opt in and offer rent at reduced rates that are equivalent to the provincial standards of government housing rates, in exchange the government will guarantee rent payment for the individual that opts in, which will be removed from the individual's monthly guaranteed fixed income.

Federal Election Bills

5) Elections Canada to Audit Candidates

Whereas; currently candidates are required to appoint an auditor before filing Nomination Papers, which gives power to accountants to block democracy by refusing, in unison, to be an auditor for a candidate that campaigns on removing discriminatory income tax that might affect the amount of demand for accountants in Canada.  

Thus, the Canada Revenue Agency shall appoint auditors to each Returning Officer's riding to audit all candidates.

6) Repatriate Wayne Gretzky's Voting Rights.

Whereas; Wayne Gretzky and many other Canadians have had their federal election voting rights denied because they have been out of the country for a period of time.  

Thus, this bill recognizes Canadians will forever be Canadians and have a right to vote from wherever they reside in the world.

Federal Justice Bills

7) Nationwide Federal Night Court

Whereas; my experience with Ontario provincial court denying me minimum wage and severance pay as a federal jurisdiction employee, in the presence of legal Canada Revenue Agency documents;

Thus, federal judges shall hear cases in provincial courthouses at night, when necessary, to deal with federal jurisdiction matters that will save federal jurisdiction employees from travelling to Ottawa.

8) City of Parole

Whereas; there are individuals and career criminals that are not compatible with the law abiding folks, and have victimized the vulnerable repeatedly, but keeping them housed in a concrete prison building at tax payer's expense brings no improvement to the individual nor society.  

Thus, a town where career criminals that do not belong in prison for life, yet should not have access to the law abiding and vulnerable people, would work for a living in a town with limited freedoms.  Family members and friends could visit or live with them.  The town itself would have different levels of freedom and movement for profiled individuals or parolees.  Profit from the town would pay for the town and administration.

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